Three Word Wednesday, 10/06/2010

Hint, Lust, Sheen

Herbert’s hand trembled and he reached out, a victim of unbridled lust.  He’d never seen such a delectible sight; so much on display, so much offered. Each one a temptress, each one enticing.

Should he choose this one? Or that? He sniffed the air delicately, to catch a hint of their seductive scents, and it made his choice even harder. The feelings mounted, and a sheen of sweat gathered on his upper lip. Oh, what to do? How to decide?

The counterman’s brusque voice cut through his reverie: “Hey, bud! I got other customers.  Which is it gonna be? The broiled fish, the salisbury steak or the grilled chicken?  Hurry it up, will ya? I aint got all day!”

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