The Trial

I stand at the heart of it,
Surrounded by black crows of men;
Harrying, hating, snapped to judgment.
Heretic! they cry. Infidel!
But I am none of these
Guilty only of seeking
A different life.

There is one
Who has looked through
My eyes, seen what I have seen,
Who I would have thought would understand;
But no, no friend to change, he
Rejects my need to live in truth
In favor of what is already written
And must be hewn to.

So I recant
Do what I must, surrender what
matters most to me to preserve
My standing, keep my life intact.
As they leave, satisfied,
I, huddled in myself, murmur
In a quiet voice:
Still, I love …

2 thoughts on “The Trial

  1. Very Intense.. I like to read such ones.. you craft poems with great precision.
    I read a lot in these words. I dare to say I relate to it as well.. Often people like you and me wants to “live” our Life and that’s when these crows come and snap at us.. I wonder where are they lost when I sit and cry for some hopeful direction?
    I have left them crowing now- I now do what I wish to..
    Love you My Dear Friend for your ability to write about yourself and in such eloquent way.. Hugs xx

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