Three Word Wednesday, 2/16/2011

Blink, Kind, Occasion

“So since when is loving one person any excuse for not being kind to someone else?”

Luke blinked at me in bemusement, but didn’t answer. Then: “I’m really not sure what you’re talking about.”

“No?” I swung a chair around, and sat on it bassackwards, facing him. “We used to be able to talk, really converse. Now the minute you see me come in the room, you leave. Or if I’m already there, you don’t stay. I do notice these things, mon chum.”

“Oh, that.”

“Yes, that.”

“You know what’s really important to me. I won’t let my relationship with anyone else threaten that.”

“And on what occasion, exactly, did I threaten that? Have I ever said or done anything that would indicate that I even wanted to?”

His head rose, and he looked at me steadily. “You know what you did.”

I blushed.  My one mistake and I didn’t even realize it when I made it.  “That was a compliment.  It was a statement of fact, not a declaration of intent to take possession. And even if I loved you — really loved you — the way you think I do, the last thing I would do is interfere in your life the way you seem to be afraid I will.”

“I talked to you about the game the other night.”

“Yep.  Three whole words.”

“I give you something and you still complain. Maybe –”

“Don’t.” I held up my hand, wanting to forestall what I knew he was about to say, words that couldn’t be taken back. “Please.  We may not have much now, but it’s better than nothing.  I’m sorry for being snarky.”

“Fine.” He glanced at me, eyes twinkling.  “So how about those Habs?”

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