Three Word Wednesday, 11/16/2011


Impetus, Solace, Vindication

(Author’s note: This is the inevitable result of reading too many Mills & Boon/Harlequin romances)

She’d just turned the corner when he came out of the building ahead of her unexpectedly. She held her head up – under no circumstances would she give him the satisfaction of seeing how badly he’d hurt her.  Never again. Her pride gave her the impetus she needed to keep her face bland and uninterested.


His voice, warm and sensual, struck through to her core.  She wobbled. It’s just these stupid killer heels. I’m not affected by him, not at all.

“Jean-Paul.” Her eyes met his, calmly, she hoped, afraid he might see through her pretense. He’d always read her emotions far too easily.

“Why did you leave?”

“How can you ask that? After what you did?” She made a futile effort to yank her arm away from his restraining hand.

“You didn’t see what you thought you did. Only what Prunella wanted you to.”

Ursula turned away.

Jean-Paul pressed on. “Think about it! Nom d’un nom d’un nom! Would I want her when I could have you?” He sought her eyes, sought vindication.

Something broke inside her then. “Are you telling me the truth, Jean-Paul? Did you really not –“ Ursula couldn’t continue.

He pulled her into the solace of his arms. “Mon Dieu! I swear it, bien-aime!”

Their lips met in a passionate kiss, and the pink covers slammed shut.

“Ohhh, I knew she’d believe him! That Prunella!” The reader put The Frenchman and the Innocent Secretary aside and picked up The Nanny and the Spanish Prince. “I just love these books!”



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