How it was, how it is – #poetry – 2/15/2013

She remembers four roses
He gave her, shyly
Four months after they said “I do”
and how they always took turns at movies —

For her – Ghost, by him
She sat through “Under Siege”
And they giggled over jokes
No one else would get.

Yesterday, he came home
Slammed the door and
Swore at her for fifteen minutes.

When he watched Steven Segal
She sat crying in the bedroom
Singing “Unchained Melody” between sobs.

Tonight, #poetry – 2/5/2013

On this empty night, I listen
to the unromantic sound of the furnace
and in between snow spatting against the windows
Morse code of no meaning.

The cat scattered the deck; cards tossed across the floor
It’s okay – I was cheating anyway
Nothing holds my interest tonight
Not my thoughts or the quiet jazz on the speakers

I would like to not think of you
For my only considerations to be of
Silly games and my plans for tomorrow
Not of signing on and not finding you there

It’s not like I don’t have friends – good ones, too.
They are kind, but I want more than that.
I want what you will not give me
It hurts, and for tonight, I wish I didn’t care.

Amputation (Poetry, 9/25/12)

Another four o clock

The tears on my face mirrored

in the rain on the window

This isn’t how it was supposed to be

Not what I was building towards

My life crumbling inside my heart wearing down

Like the bones like my health like me

Waiting to hear from you

Please don’t go away

I’ve had enough cut out of me

I can’t bear to lose you, too.

Repentances, a poem – 4/18/2012


There’s no part of me that doesn’t hurt

From the core of my soul to the surface

Of my bruised life.

It is no help to know it was my choice.

Know this, young ones:

It is better to decide

In the cold light of day.

Shadows cast by moonlight and sentiment

Deceive the heart.

This dagger plunged deep is mine forever.

Being Friends, 3/10/2011

pour mon ami — you know who you are! 🙂

Not all meetings take place

Face to face

Nor are all connections forged because two people fought side by side.

Distance is a measure of emotion, not kilometers or miles.

One can stand next to someone else and be farther away

Than two people a thousand miles apart

Who connect at the mind — and soul — and heart.

Things Unsaid

When I tell myself I have put you away
I know I lie; all it takes is a brief note of music
or a turn of phrase and you are before me
so vividly you are almost standing there.

I can barely breathe — or find the air to speak;
I never could. Love wrapt in the fear of loss;
a gift I could never give you to open —
that you would not even if I had the courage.

What does it say of us that ‘I love you’
were the only three words between us left unuttered?