Six Sentence Sunday, 11/14/2010

From my Nano WIP, “On a Full Moon” (tec_4). Ginny has just encountered Luc when a stranger enters the ER. Luc knows this person is trouble and he asks Ginny for another way out of the waiting room, away from the stranger. They have just left when:

“I’m not going another step unless you explain what the problem is.”

“There’s no time – ” His sentence was punctuated by a gunshot, and a car window ahead of us exploded in a furious burst of shattered glass.

I stopped arguing. I figured he was right; there wasn’t time. I caught up to him and we began to run.

Six Sentence Sunday, 10/24/2010

“You didn’t mean any of it, did you?”

“I guess I did at the time — at least a little.”

They stood there, looking at the stores, the ground, the ebb and flow of the crowd around them; everywhere but at each other.

“I shouldn’t have trusted you,” she said. “Should I?”

“No, I guess not, ” he replied, as he turned and left.